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Legal information and direction for small business owners who want answers now.

April 1, 2015
The Best Way to Get Legal Assistance
March 1, 2015
Sharing Employer Responsibilities
February 1, 2015
Firing Employees: The Right Way
December 1, 2014
Your Annual Meeting
December 1, 2014
Your Paperwork and Health Coverage
December 1, 2014
Your Paperwork and Health Coverage
November 1, 2014
What You Need to Know About Pregnant Workers
August 1, 2014
Legalized Marijuana and Your Business
July 1, 2014
Making Safety Pay Off for You
May 1, 2014
Non-Compete Agreements: When to Use Them; How to Enforce Them
March 1, 2014
Policies for Employees for Your Legal Protection
January 1, 2014
3 Things You Can Do to Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks
October 1, 2013
FACTA 10 Years Later
June 1, 2013
The New Race to the Patent Office
April 1, 2013
Environmental Laws for Your Business
March 1, 2013
FMLA After 20 Years
February 1, 2013
Breaking Your Lease
January 1, 2013
New Year, New Laws
January 1, 2013
The Right Business Entity for Your Company
December 1, 2012
Year-End Business Planning
November 1, 2012
Promises, Promises: What's Your Legal Exposure?
October 1, 2012
Unclaimed Property and Your Business
August 1, 2012
Unpleasant Workplace Occurrences -- and How to Prevent Them
July 1, 2012
Getting Out of a Car Lease
June 1, 2012
5 Things to Know about Temporary Workers
May 1, 2012
Transitioning from Micro Business to Small Business
March 1, 2012
5 Ways to Cut Down Employee-Related Liability
February 1, 2012
Employees and Your Brand: The Fine Line between Control and Discrimination
December 1, 2011
What to Discuss at Your Year-End Board Meeting
August 1, 2011
Paperwork for New Employees
July 1, 2011
A Dozen Ways to Protect Your Business from Lawsuits
June 1, 2011
3 Steps to Take When Your Reputation Is Attacked Online
April 1, 2011
Hiring Again? Do It Right
March 1, 2011
Privacy Concerns for Your Business
November 1, 2010
What Licenses, Permits, and Permission Do You Need?
October 1, 2010
How Much Time Off for Your Employees?
September 1, 2010
Can You Keep a Secret? Tips to Protect Confidential Company Info
July 1, 2010
Legal, Tax, and Financial Issues for Going Global
June 1, 2010
Changing Your Entity Choice
April 1, 2010
What Happens When You Add to Your Staff?
March 1, 2010
Avoiding Big Problems in Buy-Sell Agreements
February 1, 2010
Five Legal Problems and How to Avoid Them
December 1, 2009
Year-End To-Do List
October 1, 2009
How Not to Get Sued
September 1, 2009
IP May Be Your Greatest Asset
July 1, 2009
What to Do When Your Suppliers and Customers Go Under
June 1, 2009
Workers Who Aren't Employees: Tax and Legal Issues to Consider
February 1, 2009
Five Employment Laws You Can't Ignore
July 1, 2008
The Right Way to Lay Off Workers
June 1, 2008
Making Your Intern Program Work
October 1, 2007
Alternative Dispute Resolution Options
July 1, 2007
Getting Out of Leases Early
September 1, 2006
Six Steps for Protecting Your Trade Secrets


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